AS A SIDENOTE: All of our information is put on the website as JPEGS, because we once had our site LITERALLY Copied and pasted (verbatiim) and our club name (The FRIENDS Club) removed with another club name inserted.  It looked damned funny, as it described things that only exist in our Swinger/Lifestyle club ... but we’re several weeks in to redoing the website now, and it sucks to have someone just lift and drop all of the hours of work on their place and claim to be the sexiest place in central texas.  Unfortunately, for our site to be seen, it has to have type out text too.  Meh .. what are you going to do?   Our soultion is to type the words that are in the jpegs out, and put them at the bottom of each page witout proper spacing, or easy access to sexy copycats trying to do kinky things.  These writings at the  bottom of each page, or is it the ass end of each thing?, will be peppered with more adult words, and they’ll basically say everything you read above. If you are seeking a club to fill your nightlife with in Austin, TX, and are thinking about a Swinger / Lifestyle Club to pass the night away in your lingerie, G-String, or Thong underwear ... The FRIENDS Club could be just for you !  The FRIENDS Club is geared towards couples meeting couples young, mature, soft swap, full swap, mfmf, fmf, mff, bi ladies, bi-curious, lesbian, and beyond.  There are milfs, gilfs, and any other number of sensual sexy women that are part of couples at The FRIENDS Club, and we hope you take time to see what The Lifestyle, or just Swingers Clubs in general are all about at our location. There’s no need to read the hot writing of erotica down here, and they may not do anything in helping the searches, but we’re pulling all the stops on The FRIENDS Club, and we’re going to cum damn close to being the biggest club in the united states .. if we don’t already have the title of biggest swing club in Texas.Yes.  We are young and dumb and full of cum The FRIENDS Club is about more than just meeting swingers, couples, and single women ... and getting involved in an adult only environment with like-minded people.  We have a very nice dance floor, ample seating, and entertainment areas that include a shadow box, a go-go cage, and a stripper pole that is ready for your exhibitionist side or for others to be voyeurs.  There is always something sexy to check out at our Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Central Texas ( Austin, TX ) and we hope to see you at The FRIENDS Club soon !! and we’re doing strange sexy fun and adult stuff to bring you a lifestyle party or a swinger party unlike any other. ... and here is that the text said before: We’re taking our PROMOTIONAL PRICING to the NEWSLETTER for the next few months, as we revamp some old ideas, and finalize the details on some NEW ones !!! If you’re on the “HOUSE PARTY” circuit, you should definitely bounce us an E-Mail, as we’ve got BIG PLANS for you and your PARTY CREW ! CALL US OR text us. or E-MAIL US for more details !!! see how that kind of naughty wife talk doesn’t really fit on this page now?  we’re more concerned with couples and single ladies that want to play and enjoy adult recreation in a private club with a hedonistic atmosphere. The Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Austin, Texas ( TX ), or even Central Texas, that you are going to have the sexiest, most erotic, sensual, and engaging time at as you explore swingers, adventurous couples and single women is (or at least soon will be) The FRIENDS Club.  The FRIENDS Club was formerly just known as Friends, but has recently cum under New Ownership and New Management and is working at a feverish pitch to become the hottest, and most inviting swinger and lifestyle club to enjoy. we’d love to say something about being a swinger club thatis looking for swingers that are here for sxsw or as it is better known to a lot of couples that like to be swingers in teh swinging lifestyle south by southwest which is a little like austin city limits for those couples that are in the club scene and like to be swingers and to go out swinging in an adult club that is fun to do things on the stripper pole at. the lifestyle and swingers and swinging is all about being at a club in austin and in pflugerville and we like to see a lot of couples that go to the swinger club in the swinger lifestyle that like to party in a discreet place thathas a lot of other swingers in teh lifestyle there.  our club is an off premise or sometimes it is written as an off-premise club thatis different than on premise that is sometimes writeen as an on-premise swinger club for swinger couples in the austin area of 78660 in austin couples that like swingers in teh lifestyle mode and may bea little bit kinky,  the swingeres in our swinging club that is in austin gthat is close to 512 area code and is not a jungle or a place like aphrodites that is close is that we are all about being with swingers in a club in austin texas that like to be with couples in teh lifestyle and are looking ot see if someone may be a hot wife or a hotwife, or a swinger or a kinky person that likes sex and sexy people doing sexy things in a swinger club in austing texas that is about being in the lifestyle.  there are a lot of milf and gilf women that like to be swingers and in clubs in austin texas, and we like to keep our swinger club swinging with these fun people that are nightclub people that like to dance. we are looking forward to seeing you dance at our swinger club that is about swinging in the lifestyle with other couples and doing naughty things in lingerie and doing stuff that you get to do in a swingers club in asutin texas with other swinger couples in the lifestyle.  hope you are having a great day and look forward to seeingyou in our swinger club in austin texas  or at least the atx that has sxsw going on!!

My truck is out of commission, and I’m waiting on a part to arrive.  Because of this I need someone with a truck for a LOT of the tasks that I can normally do.

1). Need someone to go pick up a “Trundle Bed” and a fridge.  They are fairly close to the club, and this should be a relatively fast task.




4). Lower the Glory Hole Wall

5). POWER WASH AND STAIN the Drive-thru (Entry)

6). “Friending” on SDC, SLS, and KASIDIE, etc.

7). Someone to “reset” the FOUNTAIN PUMP so it doesn’t leak.  *You’ll need a little plumbing experience to do this.

8). Someone with a Truck to get some Plywood, and 2x4’s and paint from HOME DEPOT (for MIRRORS going on “Mattress Row” wall)


10). Someone to SHAMPOO THE CARPET

11). Someone to “Super Clean” the Upholstery

(We have a mini upholstery cleaner, but it would be AWESOME if you have your own !?!?)

12). Someone to Re-wire and Repair a Floor Lamp

13). Someone to Fix a Carburetor on a small engine, and hopefully take a Weed Eater to the Repair shop in the process.

14). Someone to remove, sand, and repaint some metal doors.

15). Someone to paint out the remainder of the missing “Bottom Trim”


We are seeking VARIOUS STAFF POSITIONS, who will IDEALLY work on one weekend, and then come out to party the next weekend for FREE.

*YES, we are considering DJ’s, Bartenders, Security, “Roamers”, and other monitor type people.

The ground rules for trading/bartering/working for entry:

A). If you are willing to PURCHASE things on our needed/wanted list we'll credit you with 40% more Club Credit than the lowest price WE know of.

~In other words, If we can get black lights for $100, and you find a better deal on the same thing we'll give you $140 in Club Credit .... even if you only spend $50.

~If you can only find them for $100 ... then you still get $140 in Club Credit.

~On the other hand, if you decide you want to spend $200 on them ... that's cool, but we're only providing the $140 in Club Credit.

~Please note: Everything has to be the product we choose, or an APPROVED equivalent, and we suggest you contact us before spending $'s so we don't have 8 people purchase the same thing.

Make sense ???

B). The general "Work for Club Credit Rate" is $10 per hour per person, and is applied to Regular Pricing, and NOT discounted prices, or other Promotions.

~ Some work is considered "Premium" as it may require bringing in a Trailer for hauling, Licensed Plumbing, HVAC, Licensed Electrical, and such ... or it may just be freaking hard (Pruning the Palm Trees, or mowing, or stuff like that). 

"Premium" work earns more, and is discussed before assigned or accepted.

~Some work is considered a bit less strenuous and earns around $8 per hour as "Club Credit".  This includes no brainer computer work, or stapling together blank forms, or things like that.


A LOT of progress has already been made just from generosity and Members (or random volunteers) wanting to see us succeed.

Our appreciation could not be greater than it is for these people, and we'll never be able to thank them enough !!!

All of that said, here are the lists for things we need and jobs we need done:


We need someone to RE-THREAD SEVERAL PIECES OF PIPE so we can rehang several curtains.  Pipe is on hand, and we will purchase the hardware for connections, but need someone with the tool that cuts new threads into metal pipe.

WE NOW OWN A MULCHER.  Just need someone to fix the carburetor, and to “recycle” the palm leaves (and such) to use in landscaping the property.

We need someone with a POWERFUL POWER WASHER to re-clean under the awning of the main entry.

We need someone to STAIN THE CONCRETE under the entry (by the water feature).

We need someone to dig out and repair areas of the PARKING LOT that have issues.

We need someone to REMOVE SOLID CORE DOORS (both Wood and Metal), Sand and Repair them, PAINT THEM GLOSS BLACK ... and then re-install them.



DONE !!! We need someone to OIL AND SEAL the wood on the front doors.

We need someone to BUILD A MASSAGE TABLE BASE.


Make all 4 bathrooms SPARKLE, have matching light bulbs, and be fully stocked with paper supplies.

(From light fixtures to baseboards).

Make ALL Casters roll smoothly and be properly attached to the chairs.

DONE !!! Build a Tool shed.  Approximately 9' x 9' with a floor and doors.

Re-Tar the seam and around the HVAC Units on the roof.

Trim the Palm Trees with a chain saw on a pole.

Trim back the hedges.

Pressure wash Front facade.

Hang "Shop Lights" under carport.

Steam Clean and Vacuum EVERYTHING ... (over and over again).

Mega Clean hallway to Smoking Patio.

- Remove gum on floor, clean walls, clean baseboards, clean fire extinguisher and clean fire extinguisher holder.

Consolidate all music to ONE external hard drive.

Build "Glory Hole" wall WITH MARK.

DONE !!! Hang Cabinets (straight, pretty, and into studs).

Organize and prepare Decorations

Build 2 "Rolling Lights" WITH MARK

Paint  Doors Gloss Black


  1. -OTTOMANS (the foot things for easy chairs)

  1. -People with pick-ups and trailers

  1. - Flat Black and Hi-Gloss Black spray paint

- 5 gallons CHEAP Flat Black Paint

- 3 cases (75 bulbs) T8 Black Light Fluorescent Bulbs = $775

- A SEXY Queen Sized Bed

- 5 SEXY Floor Lamps

- 8 matching wall light fixtures (sconces)

~must see pics BEFORE purchase to match decor !

- 2 sets of 2 Ceiling Fans that MATCH, or 4 MATCHING Ceiling Fans.

- 30 matching barstools (with backs)

- 3x Matching "Shop Lights"

-20x matching dark red, fitted sheets (twin bed)

-16 standard pillows, and dark red pillow cases

-Unlimited Numbers of Red, Black, Gold, or DARK Earth Tone Throw Pillows.  Contact us prior to purchase !!!

- Tons of Black Vinyl, and Red Vinyl for upholstery.

- DMX LED Dance Floor Lighting

-Soda Gun

-2 "Dorm" Fridges (or glass door equivalents) that are RECTANGLES

-Commercial Grade Espresso Machine

- 5-25 Really big (18" + Tall), CLEAR, RED, or GOLDEN Flower Vases.  Does NOT matter If they match.

- Flat Screen TV's (that don't need sound)

- DVD Players

- Sexy Art and Sculptures

- Antiques/Deco Furniture