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The Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Austin, Texas ( TX ), or even Central Texas, that you are going to have the sexiest, most erotic, sensual, and engaging time at as you explore swingers, adventurous couples and single women is (or at least soon will be) The FRIENDS Club.  The FRIENDS Club was formerly just known as Friends, but has recently cum under New Ownership and New Management and is working at a feverish pitch to become the hottest, and most inviting swinger and lifestyle club to enjoy. we’d love to say something about being a swinger club thatis looking for swingers that are here for sxsw or as it is better known to a lot of couples that like to be swingers in teh swinging lifestyle south by southwest which is a little like austin city limits for those couples that are in the club scene and like to be swingers and to go out swinging in an adult club that is fun to do things on the stripper pole at. the lifestyle and swingers and swinging is all about being at a club in austin and in pflugerville and we like to see a lot of couples that go to the swinger club in the swinger lifestyle that like to party in a discreet place thathas a lot of other swingers in teh lifestyle there.  our club is an off premise or sometimes it is written as an off-premise club thatis different than on premise that is sometimes writeen as an on-premise swinger club for swinger couples in the austin area of 78660 in austin couples that like swingers in teh lifestyle mode and may bea little bit kinky, The FRIENDS Club is about more than just meeting swingers, couples, and single women ... and getting involved in an adult only environment with like-minded people.  We have a very nice dance floor, ample seating, and entertainment areas that include a shadow box, a go-go cage, and a stripper pole that is ready for your exhibitionist side or for others to be voyeurs.  There is always something sexy to check out at our Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Central Texas ( Austin, TX ) and we hope to see you at The FRIENDS Club soon !! the swingeres in our swinging club that is in austin gthat is close to 512 area code and is not a jungle or a place like aphrodites that is close is that we are all about being with swingers in a club in austin texas that like to be with couples in teh lifestyle and are looking ot see if someone may be a hot wife or a hotwife, or a swinger or a kinky person that likes sex and sexy people doing sexy things in a swinger club in austing texas that is about being in the lifestyle.  there are a lot of milf and gilf women that like to be swingers and in clubs in austin texas, and we like to keep our swinger club swinging with these fun people that are nightclub people that like to dance. we are looking forward to seeing you dance at our swinger club that is about swinging in the lifestyle with other couples and doing naughty things in lingerie and doing stuff that you get to do in a swingers club in asutin texas with other swinger couples in the lifestyle.  hope you are having a great day and look forward to seeingyou in our swinger club in austin texas  or at least the atx that has sxsw going on!!

swinger lifestyle comic that visits austin friends club
saw this swingers lifestyle site long ago in austin

all races, 21-78 y.o. people, but avg age 35

all income levels


all races

interracial all the time

be polite, clean, and generally cool.

no pressure. period.

not a house party.

been here 23 years.

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For your benefit ...

The address of a HOTEL within 3/4 of a mile of

The FRIENDS Club is:

8410 Highway 290 East,

Austin, TX 78724

For those traveling and seeking a place to stay, this is a Sleep Inn, and it “gets the job done without many frills”.

Austin is loaded with MANY Exquisite Hotels and Low Budget ones as well, but this one is CLOSEST and the address should allow you to book according to your own personal tastes ...


The FRIENDS Club is a Private Social Club, and a Members Only Club EXCLUSIVELY for Couples and Unescorted Ladies.

For Couples

Provisional/Weekend/Temporary Memberships are $40

Annual (12 month) Memberships are $150

For Unescorted Ladies

Provisional/Weekend/Temporary Memberships are $10

Annual (12 month) Memberships are $20

We are open a MINIMUM of 3 Nights per week (Wed, Fri, & Sat), and occasionally on Thursdays or Sundays for SPECIAL EVENTS.

~ Prior to attending our events, Active Membership is REQUIRED to be applied for and purchased.  Government Issued, Photo Identification such as a Drivers License, or Passport must be provided for the Application and Membership Form.  As this form is proprietary, and exclusive to The FRIENDS Club, all paperwork is completed on premise on your first visit to the club.  The process takes approximately 5-8 minutes, and you are IMMEDIATELY able to pay cover charges and attend events.

For those seeking further explanation:

In regards to the Private Social Club aspect, this is not referring to the space events are held in.  This means that MEMBERS of The FRIENDS Club are MEMBERS of a Private Social Group of like minded people, with shared interests and a loosely unified approach to life.  In other words, The FRIENDS Club would exist as a Private Social Club even if there were not a physical structure or events to attend.  The FRIENDS Club is first and foremost a Fraternal Organization, comparable in structure to a Masonic Lodge, University Alumni Association, or other Social Club.

In seeking to join The FRIENDS Club, you are accepting House Rules of Privacy and Discretion, and acknowledging you understand these rules with both the payment of Membership Dues, and Signed Paperwork that is authenticated with accurate and proper identification.

Regarding the Members Only aspect of our description, this is in reference to Events The FRIENDS Club holds.  In short, our "Members Only Events" are EXCLUSIVELY for Current, Accepted Members of our Private Social Club, and NOT the General Public.

~ Alcohol Allowed, but NOT served or provided ~ Dress Code Enforced ~ Address Available on Female Voice Verification ~