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AS A SIDENOTE: All of our information is put on the website as JPEGS, because we once had our site LITERALLY Copied and pasted (verbatiim) and our club name (The FRIENDS Club) removed with another club name inserted.  It looked damned funny, as it described things that only exist in our Swinger/Lifestyle club ... but we’re several weeks in to redoing the website now, and it sucks to have someone just lift and drop all of the hours of work on their place and claim to be the sexiest place in central texas.  Unfortunately, for our site to be seen, it has to have type out text too.  Meh .. what are you going to do?   Our soultion is to type the words that are in the jpegs out, and put them at the bottom of each page witout proper spacing, or easy access to sexy copycats trying to do kinky things.  These writings at the  bottom of each page, or is it the ass end of each thing?, will be peppered with more adult words, and they’ll basically say everything you read above. If you are seeking a club to fill your nightlife with in Austin, TX, and are thinking about a Swinger / Lifestyle Club to pass the night away in your lingerie, G-String, or Thong underwear ... The FRIENDS Club could be just for you !  The FRIENDS Club is geared towards couples meeting couples young, mature, soft swap, full swap, mfmf, fmf, mff, bi ladies, bi-curious, lesbian, and beyond.  There are milfs, gilfs, and any other number of sensual sexy women that are part of couples at The FRIENDS Club, and we hope you take time to see what The Lifestyle, or just Swingers Clubs in general are all about at our location. There’s no need to read the hot writing of erotica down here, and they may not do anything in helping the searches, but we’re pulling all the stops on The FRIENDS Club, and we’re going to cum damn close to being the biggest club in the united states .. if we don’t already have the title of biggest swing club in Texas.Yes.  We are young and dumb and full of cum The FRIENDS Club is about more than just meeting swingers, couples, and single women ... and getting involved in an adult only environment with like-minded people.  We have a very nice dance floor, ample seating, and entertainment areas that include a shadow box, a go-go cage, and a stripper pole that is ready for your exhibitionist side or for others to be voyeurs.  There is always something sexy to check out at our Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Central Texas ( Austin, TX ) and we hope to see you at The FRIENDS Club soon !! and we’re doing strange sexy fun and adult stuff to bring you a lifestyle party or a swinger party unlike any other. ... and here is that the text said before: We’re taking our PROMOTIONAL PRICING to the NEWSLETTER for the next few months, as we revamp some old ideas, and finalize the details on some NEW ones !!! If you’re on the “HOUSE PARTY” circuit, you should definitely bounce us an E-Mail, as we’ve got BIG PLANS for you and your PARTY CREW ! CALL US OR text us. or E-MAIL US for more details !!! see how that kind of naughty wife talk doesn’t really fit on this page now?  we’re more concerned with couples and single ladies that want to play and enjoy adult recreation in a private club with a hedonistic atmosphere. The Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Austin, Texas ( TX ), or even Central Texas, that you are going to have the sexiest, most erotic, sensual, and engaging time at as you explore swingers, adventurous couples and single women is (or at least soon will be) The FRIENDS Club.  The FRIENDS Club was formerly just known as Friends, but has recently cum under New Ownership and New Management and is working at a feverish pitch to become the hottest, and most inviting swinger and lifestyle club to enjoy. we’d love to say something about being a swinger club thatis looking for swingers that are here for sxsw or as it is better known to a lot of couples that like to be swingers in teh swinging lifestyle south by southwest which is a little like austin city limits for those couples that are in the club scene and like to be swingers and to go out swinging in an adult club that is fun to do things on the stripper pole at. the lifestyle and swingers and swinging is all about being at a club in austin and in pflugerville and we like to see a lot of couples that go to the swinger club in the swinger lifestyle that like to party in a discreet place thathas a lot of other swingers in teh lifestyle there.  our club is an off premise or sometimes it is written as an off-premise club thatis different than on premise that is sometimes writeen as an on-premise swinger club for swinger couples in the austin area of 78660 in austin couples that like swingers in teh lifestyle mode and may bea little bit kinky,  the swingeres in our swinging club that is in austin gthat is close to 512 area code and is not a jungle or a place like aphrodites that is close is that we are all about being with swingers in a club in austin texas that like to be with couples in teh lifestyle and are looking ot see if someone may be a hot wife or a hotwife, or a swinger or a kinky person that likes sex and sexy people doing sexy things in a swinger club in austing texas that is about being in the lifestyle.  there are a lot of milf and gilf women that like to be swingers and in clubs in austin texas, and we like to keep our swinger club swinging with these fun people that are nightclub people that like to dance. we are looking forward to seeing you dance at our swinger club that is about swinging in the lifestyle with other couples and doing naughty things in lingerie and doing stuff that you get to do in a swingers club in asutin texas with other swinger couples in the lifestyle.  hope you are having a great day and look forward to seeingyou in our swinger club in austin texas  or at least the atx that has sxsw going on!! Acknowledgements: Over the years there have been a number of people that have shared great reviews with us about experiences at The FRIENDS Club.  The following are just a small sample of some such writings and we hope you enjoy them;Where YOU spend YOUR leisure time is an important decision for many, and we know that different people want different things.  Keeping this in mind we would like to share with you that the philosophy behind The FRIENDS Club has always been simple: We strive to give like minded Couples and Single ladies an Intimate, Secure, Sexy, Exciting and Fun atmosphere in a CLUB setting so that they can easily enjoy themselves. The decor provides a comfortable party atmosphere that has evolved as time has gone by.  The staff is friendly, inviting, and helpful to all so that your experience is an enjoyable memory.  The location is in a shopping center with no signage to keep parties that “just want to get a peek” a bit more at bay.  The business is well established, having been around for over 18 years.  We always speak to the Lady of the couple before giving an address or location to insure that only those that are genuine know where we are, and how to get there.  The address is NEVER published to the general public, and the plans are to keep it that way. Our prices have always remained reasonable, and the security of our Members has always been held in higher regard than turning a profit by selling an e-mail list, or sharing who comes to The FRIENDS Club with anybody.  We want you to know you are safe here now, always have been, and always will be.  If you are looking for a SEXY place to ENJOY your WILD side in a secure setting with standards and rules that are followed (limited as they are) then The FRIENDS Club is PERFECT for you !  Those that are seeking a drunken night of rowdy behavior, or a sleazy adult book store type environment with no guidelines may want to look elsewhere.  The FRIENDS Club is all about bringing fantasy to reality, but wants to make sure you get to do it over and over again !!! Anyone looking for the Best Lifestyle Club around, this is the place to go. It is the true meaning of what this culture is about! The owner is the Host and does an amazing job of making sure everyone is greeted and welcomed with a smile! We hadn't been to the club since Halloween, which was awesome by the way! We were finally able to go last Saturday Night. It doesn't matter how many months go by, you still go back to the same wonderful people!! - G  well, last night was our first night at Friends........and I was in the shadowbox by 10:30 and on the pole by 11!!!! This place is GREAT! We had an awesome time and can't wait to go again. It was so much fun and a great place to met new people and let loose. - A & V What a great party at Larry's birthday Saturday night. Beautiful remodel of the entire club. Every time we are at Friends we meet at least one or two new and fun couples that we have not seen there before. One of the great things about Friends is that the DJ plays whatever the crowd wants to dance to, other clubs in the are seem to play only what the DJ wants to hear. The dance floor was packed all night and we all know that is where all the fun begins. Great job Larry and HAPPY BIRTHDAY old man. - J & K We have gone to Friends twice and absolutely love it - if you are new like we are - there is no pressure and everyone we have met so far is fun and very respectful. Everybody just wants to have a great safe time. Larry is awesome - he will sit and enjoys talking with you about anything - all of the employees will answer any questions and enjoy their what seems voluntary jobs. My husband had an awesome experience this past Saturday with regulars. Thanks for inviting us to sit, visit, mango vodka shots, and lots of playfulness was ongoing. I'll be respectful and not mention names - all I need to say is my husband (as well as me of course) really really enjoyed my first "girl kisses" and I really enjoyed the experience of being introduced to your husband and then letting him join in the experience. I was told that phone numbers and email addresses were exchanged and I am so looking forward to apologizing in person that they were left behind and OMG etc. Just wanted the whole table know we had a really great time!!!! See you guys again soon!!! - J & T We have been coming to Friends since June 2008 and LOVE it. We attended a birthday party at another club on the North Side last night, (after saying we would never go there again after our first experience, and again were VERY disappointed). Stayed 45 minutes and came over to Friends, where we ALWAYS feel welcome. There was a good crowd at FRIENDS, people actually on the dance floor, in the shark cage and the shadow box. I never feel uncomfortable, no matter what I am wearing. Thanks guys for all you do to provide us such a great place to meet people and have a great time.... Luv ya! see you again soon! - B New Year's Eve was our first time at Friends, or any club in that "lifestyle" and we had a Blast! Everyone was very nice and respectful, no pressure and full of fun. We can't wait to go back. Our night included a full range of exciting activities. We met a sweet couple at our table, we danced our hearts out, my fiance made good use of the stripper pole, and much other fun filled our night. We know that if we are feeling very frisky this is a great place, but we also know if we want to relax with each other it's a great place for that too. - T & B s+J  ANY ONE ELSE ?? Why would you choose The FRIENDS Club over other places ? If you would like to get in contact with some selected Members that are NOT staff, and NOT paid to say anything, but ARE incredibly wonderful, honest and caring people who are happy to share thoughts on The FRIENDS Club the following e-mail addys may work for you!!Please keep in mind that this is not a hook up service rather a place to ask questions and get straight answers from actual members. If you want to meet real couples join us at Friends. Please do not write these people asking to meet up or trade pictures. There are plenty of places on the internet for that.