~ This is A PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT FOR ALL, but you must SPECIFICALLY follow the requirements as they are written.

~ 10pm is the absolute deadline, and ruled by “Club Time” as shown on the club phone.

~ In order to receive THE LEGACY DISCOUNT it must be asked for by SPECIFICALLY SAYING: “We are a Legacy Couple” before payment is made.

~ THE LEGACY DISCOUNT is not available retroactively.  Once payment has been made, the opportunity to receive THE LEGACY DISCOUNT is no longer valid.

~ It is 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to say (Specifically): “We are a Legacy Couple” without prompting, a reminder, or any other questioning or hinting from Front Desk Personnel.

~ Aside from PREMIUM PARTIES (Halloween, NYE, Anniversary, etc), 5th FRIDAYS/FETISH FRIDAYS, and a VERY limited number of other events THE LEGACY DISCOUNT IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE !!!

~ THE LEGACY DISCOUNT does NOT have a proposed end date, and is scheduled to continue until forgotten.

~ Referring to the program as the “Before 10 Discount” or the “Promo Deal” or any other variation does NOT entitle you to receive the discount, and the Door Person will NOT acknowledge or apply THE LEGACY DISCOUNT.

~ AT TIMES THE LEGACY DISCOUNT MAY BE “STACKED” (used) WITH OTHER OFFERS, though this is NOT standard, and The FRIENDS Club holds the right to make final judgement on when this opportunity is available.

So long as these guidelines are followed, we will give you this discount
and we have no intention of EVER ending this promotion !




THE LEGACY DISCOUNT is available to EVERYONE who follows the guidelines below

and provides you:

$15 OFF Cover Charges on Friday Nights


$20 OFF Cover Charges on Saturday Nights

Here are the guidelines :

1). ARRIVE before 10pm

2).CORRECTLY ASK for the Discount by saying:

“We are a Legacy Couple”

The Backstory and Inspiration of

The Legacy Discount

AS A SIDENOTE: All of our information is put on the website as JPEGS, because we once had our site LITERALLY Copied and pasted (verbatiim) and our club name (The FRIENDS Club) removed with another club name inserted.  It looked damned funny, as it described things that only exist in our Swinger/Lifestyle club ... but we’re several weeks in to redoing the website now, and it sucks to have someone just lift and drop all of the hours of work on their place and claim to be the sexiest place in central texas.  Unfortunately, for our site to be seen, it has to have type out text too.  Meh .. what are you going to do?   Our soultion is to type the words that are in the jpegs out, and put them at the bottom of each page witout proper spacing, or easy access to sexy copycats trying to do kinky things.  These writings at the  bottom of each page, or is it the ass end of each thing?, will be peppered with more adult words, and they’ll basically say everything you read above.  There’s no need to read the hot writing of erotica down here, and they may not do anything in helping the searches, but we’re pulling all the stops on The FRIENDS Club, and we’re going to cum damn close to being the biggest club in the united states .. if we don’t already have the title of biggest swing club in Texas.Yes.  We are young and dumb and full of cum and we’re doing strange sexy fun and adult stuff to bring you a lifestyle party or a swinger party unlike any other. ... and here is that the text said before: We’re taking our PROMOTIONAL PRICING to the NEWSLETTER for the next few months, as we revamp some old ideas, and finalize the details on some NEW ones !!! If you’re on the “HOUSE PARTY” circuit, you should definitely bounce us an E-Mail, as we’ve got BIG PLANS for you and your PARTY CREW ! CALL US OR text us. or E-MAIL US for more details !!! see how that kind of naughty wife talk doesn’t really fit on this page now?  we’re more concerned with couples and single ladies that want to play and enjoy adult recreation in a private club with a hedonistic atmosphere. Membership Fees are separate and serve a separate purpose from Cover Charge fees. As a PRIVATE, Members Only establishment, ACTIVE Membership Status is mandatory for entry to all events taking place at The FRIENDS Club, or produced by the club in other locations.  Your Membership Form affirms in writing that you are familiar with the discrete and private nature of the persons and activities you may witness or participate in, and that The FRIENDS Club is not responsible for your actions. Only those who choose to accurately complete Membership Application Forms, and to purchase (or renew) Status as ACTIVE Members of The FRIENDS Club are allowed entry. The purchase of your Membership status further acknowledges that you understand the nature of The FRIENDS Club, and that you have every intent to adhere to the rules the Membership Form provides. Membership is NOT optional, transferable, or guaranteed. Membership to The FRIENDS Club is always available at both a Temporary/Provisional Level, and the Annual Level.  The difference in the two levels being the amount of time allotted to each prior to expiration. *Further details, and explanation in regards to Memberships is available here > Welcome to THANK YOU for visiting our website, and using this resource to learn more about ... and stay better connected to ... the best kept secret in Central Texas ..The FRIENDS Club !!! Established in 1993, The FRIENDS Club set the Central Texas benchmark for Couples Lifestyle Entertainment. We are open EVERY Friday and Saturday from 9pm 'til 2am ... and we still PARTY HARDER than ANY other club !!! We are "That” club. We are the ONLY Private Club in Central Texas that remains private enough to NOT publish or publicly acknowledge our address, and to have no signage or indication of where we are located.  We are the ONLY Private Club in Central Texas that has not adjusted policies to include unescorted gentlemen, and remains EXCLUSIVE to ADVENTUROUS COUPLES, SWINGER COUPLES, and UNESCORTED LADIES !!! We are the club that places Privacy and Discretion. above all else, and requires ALL prospective Members, and Guests to accurately complete a Membership Application form, and to purchase a Membership BEFORE they enter the club.

In October 2016, The FRIENDS Club relocated from the original, cramped 2,500sf, Pflugerville Strip Mall Space, to a DRASTICALLY more Upscale, Luxurious, and Accommodating, Free Standing, 17,000 sf location in Central Austin.

The change of venue cast The FRIENDS Club as undeniably being The LARGEST Swinger Lifestyle Club in Texas, but also meant pricing had to change in order to retain the facility.

To insure those who made the move possible were not priced out of attendance, we resurrected a previously used “Secret Word Discount” policy.

The “Secret Word” concept provided Heavily Discounted Cover Charges to ANY Member arriving before 10 that used the “Secret Word” at the Front Desk, and was only mentioned in the Newsletter.

It was a SIGNIFICANT and EXCLUSIVE Discount for those who followed and supported the club, and it served as a perfect method to allow Long Term Members to continue enjoying the club they built, at prices they were accustomed to.

On top of that, there was MYSTERY, MYSTIQUE, and PROMINENCE associated with the program, and it allowed Long Term Members to share “Secret” Information with New Members.

Fast Forward to The FRIENDS Club of today ...

We remain one of only a few clubs true to the origins of The Swinger Lifestyle.

We recognize that Privacy, Discretion, and Intrigue were our genesis, and they remain our strengths.  We guard our address by requiring Female Voice Verification before it is provided.  We do not have signage to draw in curious passers by.  And, there are elements of The FRIENDS Club we choose to have known, but unspoken.

The Legacy Discount is ONE of those elements.