The Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Austin, Texas ( TX ), or even Central Texas, that you are going to have the sexiest, most erotic, sensual, and engaging time at as you explore swingers, adventurous couples and single women is (or at least soon will be) The FRIENDS Club.  The FRIENDS Club was formerly just known as Friends, but has recently cum under New Ownership and New Management and is working at a feverish pitch to become the hottest, and most inviting swinger and lifestyle club to enjoy. we’d love to say something about being a swinger club that is looking for swingers that are here for sxsw or as it is better known to a lot of couples that like to be swingers in the swinging lifestyle south by southwest which is a little like austin city limits for those couples that are in the club scene and like to be swingers and to go out swinging in an adult club that is fun to do things on the stripper pole at. the lifestyle and swingers and swinging is all about being at a club in austin and in pflugerville and we like to see a lot of couples that go to the swinger club in the swinger lifestyle that like to party in a discreet place that has a lot of other swingers in teh lifestyle there.  our club is an off premise or sometimes it is written as an off-premise club that is different than on premise that is sometimes written as an on-premise swinger club for swinger couples in the austin area of 78660 in austin couples that like swingers in teh lifestyle mode and may be a little bit kinky, The FRIENDS Club is about more than just meeting swingers, couples, and single women ... and getting involved in an adult only environment with like-minded people.  We have a very nice dance floor, ample seating, and entertainment areas that include a shadow box, a go-go cage, and a stripper pole that is ready for your exhibitionist side or for others to be voyeurs.  There is always something sexy to check out at our Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Central Texas ( Austin, TX ) and we hope to see you at The FRIENDS Club soon !! the swingers in our swinging club that is in austin gthat is close to 512 area code and is not a jungle or a place like aphrodites that is close is that we are all about being with swingers in a club in austin texas that like to be with couples in teh lifestyle and are looking to see if someone may be a hot wife or a hotwife, or a swinger or a kinky person that likes sex and sexy people doing sexy things in a swinger club in austing texas that is about being in the lifestyle.  there are a lot of milf and gilf women that like to be swingers and in clubs in austin texas, and we like to keep our swinger club swinging with these fun people that are nightclub people that like to dance. we are looking forward to seeing you dance at our swinger club that is about swinging in the lifestyle with other couples and doing naughty things in lingerie and doing stuff that you get to do in a swingers club in austin texas with other swinger couples in the lifestyle.  hope you are having a great day and look forward to seeing you in our swinger club in austin texas  or at least the atx that has sxsw going on!! Certain “Special Events” (Halloween, NYE, etc.) have increased COVER CHARGES, and may require pre-payment for the event, though when this occurs AMPLE NOTIFICATION will be given in NEWSLETTERS, and on the WEBSITE !! This is the #1 club in the state of texas for swingers and lifestyle couples. Sex Party people are here and they love to fuck other couples. Limited MEMBERSHIP for Couples ...$20.00 Limited MEMBERSHIP for Single Ladies ..$10.00 Annual MEMBERSHIP for Couples ....$50.00 Annual MEMBERSHIP for Single Ladies ...$20.00 Membership has it’s privileges, and one of those privileges is fornicating in public in a private place with no cameras.  The friends club is all about being a non-conformist location that provides a lot of nudity and a lot of interaction with bi-women, and bi ladies.  on occasion a bi male will also arrive.  ***Concerning SINGLE MALES: Couples in good standing may bring Male guests with them on Saturday Nights.  The gentleman will pay equal cover to the couple, and must purchase (at minimum) a Limited Membership at the same cost as that of a Couples Membership.  Further rules on behavior also apply, and will be presented on arrival, or discussed with hosting couple prior to arrival. apparently we do not focus on Lesbian activity enough, and we will be making a concentrated  effort t bring in a large lesbian following.  There are not a lot of places for a woman to go down on another woman, or a woman to use a strap on with her lover.  Sex should be all about the physical activities between lesbians. Only Members of The FRIENDS Club in good standing (having memberships that are up to date) are allowed to pay the Cover Charge for the party that evening.   Allowing exceptions to this is not fair to other members, and is not allowed by the club. paid sex is not an idea or a way to enjoy a shag with another.  this is especially true if that shag includes a shave pussy, or another lick, stick tongue and fancy finger fuck in the process. FRIDAY COVER CHARGE for Couples ...$30.00 FRIDAY COVER CHARGE for Single Ladies ...$10.00 SATURDAY COVER CHARGE for Couples ...$50.00 SATURDAY COVER CHARGE for Single Ladies $20.00 In short, WITHOUT CURRENT MEMBERSHIP YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PAY THE COVER CHARGE,  and therefore you are not allowed entry to The FRIENDS Club !!! There are TWO parts to enjoying a party at The FRIENDS Club, when trying to understand what you are paying for at the door.  There is a MEMBERSHIP FEE, and a Separate COVER CHARGE. In order to have all of the fun we do, we MUST be a PRIVATE, Members Only Club, which means we MUST charge a Membership Fee to anyone wanting to join.  This fee can be paid at a Limited Membership Level (one that normally expires at close of business on Saturday), or it can be paid on an ANNUAL Level.