A Dress Code seems like an odd thing to mention to SEXY COUPLES  seeking to meet other SEXY COUPLES (often for the 1st time) at The FRIENDS CLUB.

To give a bit of advice to GENTLEMEN, we suggest business casual, and would like to see more of a lean to business than casual.  Tennis shoes, flip-flops, and comparable footwear are not allowed.  Ball caps and bandanas are NOT permitted either, nor are T-shirts, but we DO allow Cowboy hats, boots and PRESENTABLE Denim.   When in doubt, you should probably shower off and put on a different shirt.

The FRIENDS Club is a PRIVATE, MEMBERS ONLY, DISCREET place for adventurous, like-minded ADULTS to gather and SOCIALIZE, so everyone should dress a bit differently than you would for a general admission, 18 and over bar with 25 cent drinks and someone asking you for change as you approach the front door.

The entire place is about engaging and interacting with like minded individuals to see what may develop, and it seems natural that you would want to look clean, crisp, professional, and maybe a bit polished on introducing yourself.

Advising LADIES on what to wear is dangerous it seems, but we have found that if it makes YOU feel sexy  that it is probably allowed and maybe even encouraged.  The FRIENDS Club is about excitement and daring and breaking from the doldrums !!!  Let your spirit guide you, and be comfortable that you will not be the only one here without panties, wearing “slutty” heels, or falling out of that top that is cut WAY TOO LOW !

Remember, you never know who’s arriving next, and they will never forget how you looked when they first saw you !

Members of The FRIENDS Club often bring some sort of alcohol to enjoy through the evening, and if that is part of your fun then we certainly allow it.  We NEVER serve alcohol, and your consumption is based on your own SELF CONTROL.

This being the case you are informed that unruly, drunken behavior is NOT tolerated and will result in REMOVAL from the property without refund, and a high likelihood of banishment from return visits.  The FRIENDS Club is a VERY SEXUALLY CHARGED environment, BUT common sense and good manners are EXPECTED and part of the protocol for any interactions in this Lifestyle.  Loud, unsafe, arrogantly rude or excessively pushy behavior (be it brought on by alcohol or just “naturally” being part of you) will be addressed once and cause for removal if repeated.  Bringing such activity into The FRIENDS Club is uncalled for and a burden on the Membership overall.

Should you feel that you are too drunk to drive, or be obviously drunk we will happily call a cab or arrange other transportation.  The SAFETY of our Members is held in very high regard, and we abhor the thought of drunk drivers being on the road.  On rare occasion we may confiscate keys and insist on you taking a cab, though our hope is that this situation never presents itself.

The policy on illegal drugs is to act swiftly, certainly, and severely by immediately removing any Member with drugs on hand, and permanently banning them from The FRIENDS Club.  We stand firmly behind the “No Tolerance” policy for this behavior and will not risk the backlash that an incident of this sort would bring on our Members.

Our most important rule, though slightly adapted from a city in the state of Nevada, is: “What happens at The FRIENDS Club STAYS at The FRIENDS Club”.  This statement is considered to be more than just a slogan, and The Staff, Owner, and other Members expect that who you see, what you see, or any other part of your experience at The FRIENDS Club is NOT to be discussed with non Members!  Mentioning of The FRIENDS Club, or its members in a manner that could be seen as inappropriate or harmful in the general public can and will hold repercussions to the point of revocation of Club Membership and privileges comparable to those lost from other disorderly conduct.  

The FRIENDS Club is a sexy, magical place filled with possibility and void of requirement so long as we stay within the rules.  Let’s keep this PARTY rockin’ and look forward to MANY weekends spent together !


The Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Austin, Texas ( TX ), or even Central Texas, that you are going to have the sexiest, most erotic, sensual, and engaging time at as you explore swingers, adventurous couples and single women is (or at least soon will be) The FRIENDS Club.  The FRIENDS Club was formerly just known as Friends, but has recently cum under New Ownership and New Management and is working at a feverish pitch to become the hottest, and most inviting swinger and lifestyle club to enjoy. we’d love to say something about being a swinger club thatis looking for swingers that are here for sxsw or as it is better known to a lot of couples that like to be swingers in teh swinging lifestyle south by southwest which is a little like austin city limits for those couples that are in the club scene and like to be swingers and to go out swinging in an adult club that is fun to do things on the stripper pole at. the lifestyle and swingers and swinging is all about being at a club in austin and in pflugerville and we like to see a lot of couples that go to the swinger club in the swinger lifestyle that like to party in a discreet place thathas a lot of other swingers in teh lifestyle there.  our club is an off premise or sometimes it is written as an off-premise club thatis different than on premise that is sometimes writeen as an on-premise swinger club for swinger couples in the austin area of 78660 in austin couples that like swingers in teh lifestyle mode and may bea little bit kinky, The FRIENDS Club is about more than just meeting swingers, couples, and single women ... and getting involved in an adult only environment with like-minded people.  We have a very nice dance floor, ample seating, and entertainment areas that include a shadow box, a go-go cage, and a stripper pole that is ready for your exhibitionist side or for others to be voyeurs.  There is always something sexy to check out at our Swingers / Lifestyle Club in Central Texas ( Austin, TX ) and we hope to see you at The FRIENDS Club soon !! the swingeres in our swinging club that is in austin gthat is close to 512 area code and is not a jungle or a place like aphrodites that is close is that we are all about being with swingers in a club in austin texas that like to be with couples in teh lifestyle and are looking ot see if someone may be a hot wife or a hotwife, or a swinger or a kinky person that likes sex and sexy people doing sexy things in a swinger club in austing texas that is about being in the lifestyle.  there are a lot of milf and gilf women that like to be swingers and in clubs in austin texas, and we like to keep our swinger club swinging with these fun people that are nightclub people that like to dance. we are looking forward to seeing you dance at our swinger club that is about swinging in the lifestyle with other couples and doing naughty things in lingerie and doing stuff that you get to do in a swingers club in asutin texas with other swinger couples in the lifestyle.  hope you are having a great day and look forward to seeingyou in our swinger club in austin texas  or at least the atx that has sxsw going on!!