December 18th, 2012

We had an AMAZING Weekend at The FRIENDS Club on December 14th and 15th !

To get things started, there were almost 20 couples here on FRIDAY NIGHT, and there was a sexy attitude all around. 

Lots of new faces, and a few that we had seen before, kept the dance floor moving and the acquaintances being made all night long.

*Obviously, we’re hoping that our Friday Nights have possibly found a groove, and that we can keep a bit of a crowd coming out for them !  We’d love for you to JOIN US, and see the fun that can be had on a night that is often forgotten ...

Saturday Night we celebrated my ever returning “26th” Birthday with an out of this world CAKE that “L+J” brought in, Fajitas that “G+C” brought out, and a fantastic crowd that included MANY NEW FACES and a return of some faces that had been missing for a good long while !

There are THANK YOU’S aplenty that need to go out for EVERYONE that made this a memorable evening, a great BIRTHDAY, and a wicked fun party all around !!!

If you had ANYTHING at all to do with the prep, execution, or the great spirit of this BIRTHDAY BASH, please know that it meant an awful lot to me, and that you are TRULY APPRECIATED at The FRIENDS Club. *That includes EVERYONE that called, e-mailed, texted and ESPECIALLY those of you that came out in support !!!

By the wayyyyyyyyyy ...

I want to extend a big online hug to “K”, our brand new, very sexy, very fun Bartender and to encourage everyone to treat her well over the time she spends with us !

She’s got a great smile, a brilliant and positive edge, and she really adds to the whole feel of The FRIENDS Club all around.  You’re just gonna have to come out and see for yourself, if you hold any doubts about that.



AS A SIDENOTE: All of our information is put on the website as JPEGS, because we once had our site LITERALLY Copied and pasted (verbatiim) and our club name (The FRIENDS Club) removed with another club name inserted.  It looked damned funny, as it described things that only exist in our Swinger/Lifestyle club ... but we’re several weeks in to redoing the website now, and it sucks to have someone just lift and drop all of the hours of work on their place and claim to be the sexiest place in central texas.  Unfortunately, for our site to be seen, it has to have type out text too.  Meh .. what are you going to do?   Our soultion is to type the words that are in the jpegs out, and put them at the bottom of each page witout proper spacing, or easy access to sexy copycats trying to do kinky things.  These writings at the  bottom of each page, or is it the ass end of each thing?, will be peppered with more adult words, and they’ll basically say everything you read above.  There’s no need to read the hot writing of erotica down here, and they may not do anything in helping the searches, but we’re pulling all the stops on The FRIENDS Club, and we’re going to cum damn close to being the biggest club in the united states .. if we don’t already have the title of biggest swing club in Texas.Yes.  We are young and dumb and full of cum and we’re doing strange sexy fun and adult stuff to bring you a lifestyle party or a swinger party unlike any other. ... and here is that the text said before: We’re taking our PROMOTIONAL PRICING to the NEWSLETTER for the next few months, as we revamp some old ideas, and finalize the details on some NEW ones !!! If you’re on the “HOUSE PARTY” circuit, you should definitely bounce us an E-Mail, as we’ve got BIG PLANS for you and your PARTY CREW ! CALL US OR text us. or E-MAIL US for more details !!! see how that kind of naughty wife talk doesn’t really fit on this page now?  we’re more concerned with couples and single ladies that want to play and enjoy adult recreation in a private club with a hedonistic atmosphere.

January 7th, 2018

Sadly, Journal Entries were bypassed for 5 years and we don’t have a publicly written record of THE

AMAZING EVOLUTION of The FRIENDS Club since the change of ownership in 2011.

F o r t u n a t e l y   . . .

We did not remove the Journal Feature from the website, and we now have a BRAND NEW YEAR and

BRAND NEW OPPORTUNITY to utilize this space !!!

Here’s 2018, so far:

On January 1st, Adrian and I slept in and then woke to reflect (and begin recuperating) on the MASSIVE


We then indulged in Black Eyed Peas and a few other NEW YEARS DAY TRADITIONS to start 2018 off

on the right foot, and bring in all of the Luck we could get.

~ BTW: It literally SNOWED on the night of the PARTY, but we were still Standing Room Only by 9:30,

and it was an unquestionably AMAZING NIGHT and PERFECT START for the New Year !!!

On January 2nd, we decided that because there was such strong interest shown from Couples wanting

to PARTY @ The FRIENDS Club, Wednesday December 27th ... that we’d forego our plan to take January

3rd off and we did a “Mini-Push” to let people know we’d be here the next night.

~ There was also the remainder of the cleaning to be done that night, annnnd it happened to be a Tuesday

so Adrian and I got a chance to go out for a “Just Us” Date Night with Late Nite Dining !!!

Wednesday, January 3rd, the club was open for business again, and though the crowd was smaller, we

were glad to have had a solid footing ready for the coming weekend ...

On January 4th, a film crew arrived about 7pm to do a dress rehearsal for a movie that began shooting today (January 7th) ... and other than that, we did a bit of carpet steam cleaning, and a LOT of work to get the Club Kitchen and Dining Room closer to fully operational.

January 5th was our FIRST FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY of 2018, and we had a GREAT NIGHT and very solid showing for “NAUGHTY DATE NIGHT” !!!

~ We celebrated a BIRTHDAY, 4 New Couples came to check out The FRIENDS Club (in addition to the rest of the crowd ! ) ... ANNNNND ... I believe this was the night we had a Couple PARTY with us after being referred to The FRIENDS Club from WHISPERS in Las Vegas, Nevada !!!

On January 6th we got to have our FIRST SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY of 2018, and we kicked things off with a theme called: LAID BACK

~ The idea behind LAID BACK is that we relax the Dress Code and let Members flaunt Tacky T-Shirts and more relaxed (but still neat and polished) attire for the night.  It’s all done in an effort to ease everyone in to the New Year, and to give the Formal Wear of parties like New Year’s Eve a break ...

It worked out great, and we ended up having some of our regulars who moved to the United States from Cuba having a bit of a “Dance Off” with a BRAND NEW COUPLE from Costa Rica !!!

... And here we are on January 7th, with a film crew in the house, all sorts of Stage Lights, Microphones, and a JIB laid out, scenes being blocked, run-through, and shot ... and lots of buzz from the Actors and Crew about possibly coming out to PARTY @ The FRIENDS Club for either a Wrap Party or “Just ‘Cuz”.

Aside from the early starts and long days, they’re GREAT to have here ... and we’re feeling pretty lucky to be making such contacts in the Entertainment Business, as well as getting to tell everyone The FRIENDS Club is going to be in ANOTHER production !!!

~ To date, the shopping center the OLD Location was in was used to shoot “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” (before The FRIENDS Club Arrived there), PLAYBOY TV did a Feature on Swinging AT the OLD Location WITH Members of the Club from 2002 (“Behind Closed Doors: SWINGING”), and THIS location was previously featured in 2-3 (?) Episodes of the Television Series “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn” !!!